Remember that the unexpected can happen! Be responsible and always take every safety precaution. Switching materials, ammunition substitutes, improper assembly, mishandling, inaccurate targeting and misfires can all cause harm. Although bad luck rarely happens, always be prepared for the unknown. Eye protection is a must if you chose to experiment with any of these projects.

Always be aware of your environment, including spectators, flammable materials and handling of the launchers. Some of the builds are based off of combustion shooters and require gaseous fuel. Always use a small amount of the recommended aerosol, and gradually determine the amount you need for a successful launch. Elastic and latex shooters fire projectiles at unbelievable force and can cause damage. Never point these launchers at people, animals, or anything worth value. Crossbows, and darts have dangerous points. It is important that you remember this weaponry is home built and not always accurate. For these basic targets are available for you to build on the website and book. The book also features mini bombs. Although these are labeled as bombs, they could never be modified for serous damage. However, they are very loud and can cause hearing impairment or hearing loss. Ear protection is recommended for these builds.

Always be responsible and use at your own risk. It is important that you understand neither the author, the publisher, nor the bookseller can or will guarantee your safety. This book is for entertainment purposes only. When you try these projects described here, you do so at your own risk. These are not toys.